terroir and heritage

logo of the terroir and heritage menu at pizzeria de cavaillon Menu 2 courses (starter + main course OR main course + dessert) at 22 €
3 course meal (starter, main course, cheese or dessert) at 26 €
Salad of gizzards confit with orange zest
Candied gizzard salad
Warm flan with pumpkin and goat on salad with smoked salmon

Homemade foie gras terrine, onion chutney (supp 3 €)
Candied gizzard salad with sherry vinaigrette and orange zest
Mussels au gratin stuffed with garlic butter (8)
Lamb mice confit with garlic cream at the restaurant la fontaine à Cavaillon
Candied lamb mouse
Mussels / fries (choice of sauce to choose from the map)

Roasted duck breast with creamy mushroom sauce
Candied lamb mouse, cream with fresh garlic (supp 3 €)
Crispy salmon and tapenade fried brick sauce
Plate of cheese ripened on salad
Crème brûlée with the liqueur of the moment and its brown sugar
Honey cheese with honey
Fresh pear poached with hot chocolate and whipped cream
Dessert of the day creme brulee served at the restaurant pizzeria la fontaine a cavaillo
The chef establishes this menu from fresh regional products he evolves throughout the year depending on the season.
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